GolfScore, the golf score card application for Android smartphone.
It will replace your manual notation, calculations and so more.
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Throw your pencil and your golf score card. The GolfScore application, via a smatphone is functional and makes your calculations... With GolfScore, golf score card, you are not dependent, create your own courses and exchange them with friends or in a future centralized database. The application will help you to create your own golf courses and update them. GolfScore, score card software, was created by golfers. This application is without publicity and without spam.

Recommended display, 4" or more. The activation software process requires an e-mail in the evaluation version.


Free** evaluation or last update version below

  ** (with all fonctions but for 5 holes)

Price and special conditions


  Direct purchase (through the mail on the menu About of the trial version)

e-mail obligatory : or
Purchase on Google Play 4,50 € except Taxes (5,40 € TTC)


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Privacy Policy


Features :

  • Creating Courses by recording directly (or dowloading if exists) the Course parameters as Scratch score standard and Slope used for calculating Stableford points, and also Par, Rank (Hcp) for every hole. Some courses are also available for download.

  • Choosing a registered course for play and record your score. Calculation of beatings, gross and net stableford score. At each score entry you know your score and total points earned by a simple message on the screen or reading the detailled score card in progress.

  • Typing your parameters necessary for score points calculating, actual index, gender (Man or Woman), start color White, Yellow, Blue or Red.

  • Ability to view detailed card and score points earned gross and net.

  • Opportunity to correct a game played or to continue playing.

  • Try application before buying it (all features included), distances and scores only for the first five holes in this case.

  • Speech (voice) when changing holes (if started in the settings).

  • Language choice, french (FR) or english (EN), for all views, messages and support.

  • Detailed help included in the application (navigation as in a Web page).

  • Free updates, bug corrections and knowledge by recording errors (log).

  • External backup of your data (internal accessible SD card or external SD card if available).

  • Export and import courses (exchanged with other users for example) or present on the Web site.

Future developments :

- Creation of a data center of existing courses (exported by other users).
- ... and more according to your suggestions.


Availables Courses

Downloads on Android with version GolfScore 1.36 or more.


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Autriche - Golf Club du Schwartzsee à Kitzbühel
Autriche - Golf Club Kaps à Kitzbühel
Autriche - Golf Club Wilder Kaiser A+B à Ellmau
Autriche - Golf Club Wilder Kaiser B+C à Ellmau
Autriche - Golf Club Wilder Kaiser C+C à Ellmau

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