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- Hole number :

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- image (course short name) :


- Record the green Gps coordinate

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- hole position in the selection :


Before begin, if you are in GpsGolf, YOU MUST BE POSITIONNED ON THE COURSE you wish to complete or enter the first time (Other Course, choose and Record/Load or a course new created).

The hole's position is used to determine the orientation of the map image so that the flap is positionned on the top of the screen when the course is displayed.

The name of the image must be coded to avoid duplication with other courses, such StTho for Saint-Thomas (Beziers) or StCyp for Saint Cyprien. The final name of the image will be the name associated with the hole number, for example StTho15 for the 15th hole at Saint-Thomas course.

If you are 'capturering' images of several holes, the increment of the holes number and the reproduction of the same image name is automatic, you can just change if necessary the hole's position, his Par, his rank (Hcp) and whether or not to record the Gps coordinates for flag, front and back green. (default is yes, these positions and the Par and Rank could also be typed and edited elsewhere or detected by a button on the location of a -hole distance screen and then register positions, button Gps actual position-).

Check your images by displaying the holes, one after the other. If the flag is in its right place, everything is correct, otherwise repeat the hole's creation with the same angle but at a lower level of zoom (at maximum zoom sometimes a picture is trimmed -white in a corner-).

If you are creating your course on your PC, the created images and the file containing the Gps coordinates must be copied in the folder of GpsGolf in your mobile device (see below), and importated into GpsGolf with the Utility Menu option 'Import PC --> course'.


  • Just have a general plan of the course to create with the image or map of the holes in order to detect them on Google map view. The general plan often appears on the scorecard and on the Golf website. Is often visible, the view of each hole with its characteristics that can confirm the satellite view.
  • Go on the searched course, possibly with the Google Search Box or by moving the map, with more or less zoom, or by temporarily switching to Mode Google maps plan (satellite / map) to better find the course and his satellite view.
  • If the selection frame appears, disable it temporarily using the tool ..
  • Locate the green of the hole to be treated and zoom it to maximum using the + or - on Google maps. Then use the tool to display the flag, the front of green and the back green. Position these 3 symbols on the green by moving. Then return to the original zoom or near.
  • View the selection frame of the hole's image with the tool . Position the image in the horizontal or vertical frame with a maximum zoom level. For this, move the map or the selection frame. For change the vertical mode, horizontal or vice versa, use the tool , to orientate more finely use .
    You can also increase or decrease the size of the frame using tools + or - The goal is to compose the image of the hole as near as possible to the frame, in order to view it entirety and in its maximum size for a full sized image on the screen. After a few trials you will be well trained.

    Note : if the frame goes double when moving, click it and the old disappear (this may be due to slow Google's answer with your communication mean).
  • Enter the information at the bottom of the map :

    • given automatically, but you can change just before recording, the position of the hole (flag) in the selection, Top or Bottom if the frame is vertical, Right or Left if the choice is horizontal. The goal is to have the green always on top of hole's course view.
    • the map image name (as explained above in Info).
    • the hole number corresponding to the selected view.
    • the hole Par.
    • the handicap (Hcp, rank) of the hole.

  • If you don't want to save the flag's Gps positions, begin green and end green, answer No in the listbox (in this case only Gps coordinates of the image will be recorded).
  • Push the button 'Record' . The image of the hole and the Gps coordinates are recorded.
  • Only if you are on your PC, copy the file TrousPC.txt and the .png images created on your mobile device in the folder of your other courses. You must be positioned on the concerned course and import in GpsGolf (with the Menu option 'Import PC --> course' from the Utility Menu).
    Remark : You can do this operation at the end of any hole and resume later the creation here. In this last case, erase the previous file with the bouton on the satellite image page (on the page of the latest created image, only on PC).
  • The bouton 'Frame' serves to make visible or invisible frame and tools, needed for a momentary comfort.
  • The bouton 'Tools' position the tool to their original position (flag, before green, back green).