GpsGolf, the Gps golf Rangefinder application for Android smartphone.
It will replace your old golf rangefinder and so more.
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The site and the CNIL

  • The entire site meets the exemption statement 6 - Deliberation No. 2005-284 of 22 November 2005 deciding the declaration of exemption from websites disseminating or collecting personal data carried out by individuals under an exclusively personal activity (Exemption No. 6) - JO No 293 of 17 December 2005 (Jo e) - View all the text on the website of the CNIL

  • For information, the only data collected on the site are the parts in the PayPal when purchasing the application. These data are managed by Paypal and preserved or not by them, according to their own privacy policies. The only information managed by GpsGolf is the email address that will communicate with the buyer and including to transmit license number for the application. Other information concerning the device on which you installed the software (serial number, MAC address).

  • These data are not used for commercial purposes and are not given to third parties. This website use cookies only for the purposes of mapping, for storing map data and satellite images in order to deliver a file to the user.
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